Christine Bone

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Sport (CAT2) Mountain Biker

  • 2016 Racing Age: 38
  • Height: 5’4
  • Racing Since 2005
  • Hometown: Golden, CO
  • Current Town: Ashburn, VA
  • Bikes: Lynskey Ridgeline, Lynskey Pro 29, Trek Project 1, Cannondale Scalple, Cannondal CX
  • Favorite Trail: Apex Colorado, Bear O’Lair Colorado, North Table Mountain Colorado, Centennial Cone Colorado, Buffalo Creek Colorado, Star Pass Arizona
  • Favorite Foods: Chocolate

I am a U.S Army Officer who has been racing sine 2005 but not all mountain biking. My background is in Ultra running and I have completed several 50 to 100 mile races all in the mountains. . Being from Colorado I have a love for trails and mountains. One day I decided I wanted to mountain bike all of the trails I had ran on. I had seen many people riding the trails I ran and decided I needed to try it. Once on the bike I never got off. I love a challenge and let me tell it was.  My love for both mountain biking and running pulled me into Adventure Racing since this sport had both of the events I truly enjoyed.  My first few races were 6-12 hour Adventure races after that my races became longer up to 48 hours  and then into expedition length races up to 600miles long. My most epic Adventure Race was Primal Quest Montana that lasted 10 days  and 500miles. These races included long legs on the bike sometimes up to a 100miles at a time. The terrain during these races was very challenging especially at night. I am very well versed and can adapt quickly so no terrain is a surprise on the bike. My love for mountain biking grew.  I did my first race and did not do to well but I finished.  I kept coming back for the challenge and started placing in local races. Later I  was introduced to single speed mountain biking. Of course I got on and was addicted to SS. I am now a single speeder who prefers to race in the single speed category. I continue to strive to be a better rider and look forward to many races. I enjoy educating and introducing people to mountain biking. Bikes change peoples lives. I am a true believer in that. Teams I have raced on are U.S Army Special Operations, Team Enduring Freedom , Single Speed or Death and the Lawless Village.  Races I prefer are endurance length races. I look forward to riding trail for a very long time.

[fusion_title size=”2″]2016 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 1st Place – Battle on the Ridge – Female Single Speed
  • Finisher – Gravel Race Up Spruce Knob (GRUSK)
  • 3rd Place – Rev3 6hrs Shenanduro – Solo Female
  • 1st Place – Leesburg Bakers Dozen 13hour Single Speed Solo Female
  • 5th Place – REV3 26hrs Epic Adventure Race
  • 7th Place – 6hrs of Warrior Creek – Single Speed – w/ Phil

[fusion_title size=”2″]2015 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 1st Place – Fall Foliage @ Fountainhead – Trail Expert

[fusion_title size=”2″]2014 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 1st Place – 9 Hours of Cranky Monkey – Single Speed
  • 1st Place – 13hr Bakers Dozen –  Women Solo Single Speed
  • 2nd Place – Buff Betty Adventure Race

[fusion_title size=”2″]2013 Results[/fusion_title]

  • Shenandoah Mountain 100 – Finisher –
  • 2nd Place – Adrenaline Rush Adventure Race 12 Hour Elite – Duo Coed Team: Lawless Village

[fusion_title size=”2″]Pre 2013 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 2008 Primal Quest Bozeman Montana 10 days 500miles (Team Enduring Freedom)
  • 1st place – 2007 VentureQuest Adventure Race (Team Enduring Freedom)
  • 3rd Place – 2007 Odyssey 24hr AR Wild and Wonderful (Team Enduring Freedom)


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