Emily McDonald

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Cat 1 Mountain; Cat 2 CX

  • Born: 11.14.1983
  • 2013 Racing Age: 30
  • Height: 5’6
  • Racing Since 2008
  • Hometown: Herndon, VA
  • Current Town: Arlington, VA
  • Bikes: Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 29er; Specialized Safire; Cannondale Scalpel; Cannondale Six; Trek Valencia
  • Favorite Trail: Pandappas Pond, Blacksburg, VA
  • Favorite Foods: Homemade Pizza; Blueberry Waffles
  • Personal Blog …this might hurt…

Emily started riding in 2003 after her brother, Matt, helped her pick out her first mountain bike – a Specialized Rockhopper. She quickly fell in love with the sport, riding with friends and the University of South Carolina’s cycling club. In early 2008 she moved back to the DC area where she started racing road, but after entering the 2008 Greenbrier Challenge “for fun” Emily decided she preferred racing on dirt and rocks better than asphalt and completed her first full season as a Cat 2 Mountain Biker in 2009. Emily also commutes by bike daily from Arlington, VA to Silver Spring, MD as part of The Bike Lane’s “Go By Bike” Challenge.

[fusion_title size=”2″]Major Cycling Accomplishments[/fusion_title]

  • 2013 1st Female (48th OA &; 6:38 PR) Mountains of Misery
  • 2010 Plum Grove Series Champion – Cat 2 Women
  • 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional Champion – Cat 2 Women 19-29
  • 2010 Maryland State Champion – Cat 2 Women 19-29
  • 2010 Wednesdays at Wakefield Champion – Sport Women
  • 2009 Maryland State Champion – Cat 2 Women 19-29
  • Three Sub-12-hour Shenandoah 100 Finishes
  • 9th Woman Finisher of 2009 & 2011 Mountains of Misery
  • 10th Place Open Women 2011 Shenandoah 100

[fusion_title size=”2″]2013 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 1st Place – 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey – Quantico – 3 Person Co-Ed (Chris D. & Marco)
  • 3rd Place Snotcycle Cat 1 / Pro Women

[fusion_title size=”2″]2012 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 1st Place Leesburg Bakers Dozen 3-Person Co-Ed
  • 1st Female (48th OA &; 6:38 PR) Mountains of Misery
  • 1st Place 12-Hours of Granogue Female Duo
  • 1st Place 12-Hours of Cranky Monkey 3-Person Co-Ed
  • 1st Place (16th Overall) Weekend Warrior Wang Chung MTB Female
  • 2nd Place Scouts Honor 18-Hour 4-Person Mixed**
  • 2nd Place Frozen Foot Adventure Race Co-Ed 3-Person
  • 5th Place MABRA Super-8 Series Elite Women
  • 5th Place 9-Hour Cranky Monkey 3-Person Co-Ed*
  • 6th Place Hyattsville CX Elite Women
  • 7th Place Schooley Mill CX Elite Women
  • 7th Place Rockburn CX Elite Women
  • 8th Place Ed Sander Memorial Elite Women
  • 9th Place Winchester Apple Cros Elite Women
  • 12th Place Capital Cross Classic Elite Women
  • 17th Place Tacchino Cyclocross Elite Women
  • 19th Place Shenandoah 100 Open Women

*Crashed and had to go to the ER causing a 45-minute time loss while teammates continued racing

**Chris had an epic mechanical causing a 30-minute time loss – fought back to 2nd

[fusion_title size=”2″]2011 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 2nd Place NightRyder Cat 1 Women
  • 2nd Place 3-Person Women Leesburg Bakers Dozen
  • 2nd Place Co-Ed 3-Person 12-Hours of Cranky Monkey
  • 4th Place Snotcycle Cat 1 Women
  • 7th Place Massanutten Hoo-Ha! XXC Women
  • 10th Place Stoopid 50 Open Women
  • 10th Place Fair Hill Classic Endurance Women
  • 10th Place Shenandoah 100 Open Women (10:55)

[fusion_title size=”2″]2010 Results[/fusion_title]

  • 1st Place Snotcycle Sport Women
  • 1st Place Greenbrier Challenge Cat 2 19-29
  • 1st Place Massanutten Hoo Ha Cat 2 19-29
  • 1st Place Middle Mountain Momma Cat 2 19-29
  • 1st Place Hotcycle Sport Women
  • 1st Place Wednesdays at Wakefield Sport Women #1, #2, #3
  • 2nd Place Bear Creek Challenge Cat 2 19-29
  • 3rd Place Wednesdays at Wakefield #4
  • 5th Place Cranky Monkey #2 – Schaeffer Farms Expert Women
  • 5th Place Hyattsville CX Cat 4 Women
  • Shenandoah 100 Finisher – 10:51

[fusion_title size=”2″]2009 Results[/fusion_title]

  • Maryland State Champion Women Cat 2 19-29
  • 1st Place 12-Hours of Lodi Farm; 3-Person Sport Co-Ed
  • 2nd Place Snotcycle Sport Women
  • 2nd Place Rockburn Reloaded Cat 2 Women
  • 2nd Place Greenbrier Challenge Cat 2 Women
  • 2nd Place 24-Hours of Big Bear 4-Women Expert Team
  • 2nd Place Iron Hill Challenge Sport Women
  • 3rd Place Massanutten Hoo Ha Cat 2 Women
  • 3rd Place Wednesdays at Wakefield #3 Sport Women
  • Shenandoah 100 Finisher – 11:28

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