Mary Sprouse Dobroth

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Cat 5 CX

  • Current town: Gaithersburg, MD
  • Current CX bike: Kona – Jake the Snake
  • Favorite cross pro: Katie Compton. Pink tubulars with her name on them, that’s super cool.
  • Biggest fear: Tall barriers
  • Have you done CX before: No
  • Biggest goal for 2013 CX season: Take a bacon handup!
  • Favorite post-race beverage: Hard Cider.
  • Should handups be allowed: Bacon
  • Who will be cleaning your bike: Chris Dobroth.
  • Have you discovered the joy of Wicked Wash yet: Yes, it’s great.
  • At what point is CX too popular to be cool: Never.


  • Seneca Creek Cyclocross – 10th place Cat 4/5

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